Information Gathering



Information gathering means collecting as much information as available regarding target networking. Nmap is best tool for collecting information . User can also execute their own script via “Nmap script engine”. Nmap script engine is one of the most powerful feature of nmap.list of nmap command are as below:


1.Nmap         (Show the open port of
2.Nmap   (Show the open port from to
3.Nmap  192.168.0.*         (show the all open port)
4.Nmap –O     (check the opeating system of specified internal IP)
5.Nmap  -sP  (ping the ranged IP address)  
6.Nmap  -T5  (Quick scan)
7.Nmap  --top-ports 20  (scan the top 20 ports of ranged network)
8.Nmap  -sT –p80 192.168.0.*   (scan the tcp onnection of port 80)  (-sT=tcp scan,p80 =port 80 )
9.Nmap  -v  (for scanning top 1000 port of IP)
10.Nmap  -f  192.168.0.* --exclude  (scan the top 100 ports of ranged IP exclude



Full form of  command


1. -sT     TCP scan

2. -sS      SYN scanning

3. -sF      FIN scan

4. -sN      Null scan

5. -sX      Tree scan

6. -sP      ping scan

7. -sU      UDP scan

8.  -O       Operating system

9. -sI       Idle scanning

10. -sA     ACK scan

11. -F       fast scan

12. man  nmap -manual page of nmap


Information also collected with the help of zenmap which is graphical version of nmap provide the same feature and accessibility as available in namp.


Note: nmap is important tool with lots of feature  user don’t have to learn the namp command as most of the command starting with the first alphatebate of name. (eg –sT=TCP)