IP Spoofing



Method to spoof IP


4.TOR (Browser)


Spoofing via  Browser Add-on


Google Chrome:



2.VPN.S HTTP Proxy




1.Proxy Switch Sharp



Mozilla Firefox:








1. A proxy server is a computer on the network between you and the other computers on the Internet. usually, what happens when you connect to a site, your computer sends a request to the server you're trying to receive data from but when you connect to a proxy, you send the request to the proxy, and the proxy sends the data back to you.


2. Proxy divided into three types


          Normal proxy:

          Transparent proxy

           Reverse proxy



Normal Proxy


1.Benefit for client.

2.Client side verification required

3.Proxy working in browser.

4.It stores a copy for future use. So next time when another client requests for the same webpage the proxy server just replies to the request with the content in its cache thus improving the overall request-reply speed.



Transparent Proxy


1.Benefit for client.

2.Client side configuration not required

3.Proxy working in Gateway like port forwarding.

4.It fetches the content for the first time and subsequently replies from its local cache.Eg Torrent



Reverse Proxy


1.Benefit for web server

2.Proxy working in web server 

3.It will cache all the static answers from the web server and reply to the clients from its cache to reduce the load on the web server.

4.This type of setup is also known as Web Server Acceleration






List of VPN which help you to surf web anonymously.


1.Hide my ass


3.Hotspot shield


5.Express VPN

6.Pure VPN


8.Tunnel bear





•Tor browser use  volunteer network consisting of more than five thousand relays to conceal a user's location. It is difficult to trace down the user activity on web using tor browser. Most of people use tor browser to open hidden wiki and deep web.