Install windows in android device.


1.First create a blank image file in Bochs on your PC and for that what you have to do is that go to Start and open up Bochs> and then Disk image creation tool and then the new tab with black screen appears.

2.In that you have to type hd and press enter.

3.After that it go to the next line here you have to type flat and it will ask the size. Here you have to type 1500.

4.Then type in c.img and then press the enter key

5.The next thing is that you have to install Windows XP on blank .img file using Qemu manager, then open up the Qemu manager.

6.After opening up the Qemu manager, click on the VM on the top left side and select new virtual machine.

7. Then a sub tab appears and type out any name that you need in the first box and hit next.

8. Now in the new tab you can locate the desired RAM that you want to change and change it to 1 Giga hertz and hit finish.

9. Now what you want to do is install XP to your blank image file. So what you want to do is click on drives on the left top side and find out the c.img file from the drives. Usually the c.img file will be seen at the C drive> Program files > flash > and change view to all files and your c.img file will be seen select the file and click Okay.

10.The next thing you have to do is find out the Window XP.iso file and click Ok. 

11. After selecting the iso file click on the run button on the top left side.

12.Installation will take about 45 minutes or about an hour depending on how fast your computer is and right now it will be running on a virtual machine. Wait till the loading finishes and after that start the installation and a couple of options comes out choose from. Choose ntfs file system and then the installation will take place and it will take few minutes to complete.

13.When the installation is finished, the next thing you have to do is that you have to stop the virtual machine, for that press the red button on the top left and click Ok. And then you have to find the c.img file and transfer it to phone. For that find out the c.img file from the local disk as mentioned above and copy the file and paste the file in the SDL folder on the SD card. And after that go to the link I have given below and copy the text with code given and paste it in the boch.txt file in the SDL folder on the SD card. 

Note:The next thing you have to do is turn on your phone and take out the application Bosh which has been installed on your device .one thing you must remember is that it will be not as fast as your personal computer and you need a lot of patience for the loading to finish for the first time. After loading is finished you may be in a black display screen for a little bit time and there you must wait for few minutes and then you can run XP on your Android device.