Steps to install ubuntu in computer via virtual machine.



1.Choose Ubuntu vm, click Start:

2. When vm starts, it shows you the first screen of Ubuntu setup. Choose the language you want from over 60languages, or wait 30 seconds for English to be selected:


3. Ubuntu starts now in so called Live Mode. Double click Install Ubuntu icon:

4. Once again, choose your installation language:

5. Choose Download updates while installing. You might also want to install Fluendo MP3 plugin offered for better audio features.ClickForward:


6. Choose Erase and use the entire disk. Notice please, we are now talking about the virtual hard disk we created earlier, not the actual hd on your host computer. In other words, this does not mean your HD with Windows on it will be erased  Click Forward:

7. Click Install Now:

8. Choose your time zone:


9.Choose your preferred keyboard layout. To avoid confusion, I recommend choosing the same you are using on your host computer'sWindows.Click Forward:


10. Tell Ubuntu your name, choose the computer name and set up a password. Click Forward:

11. Installation starts, you have now some 20+ minutes for a coffee break, or you can watch a presentation about Ubuntu by clickingthose arrow symbols on left and right:


12. When installation is finished, you have to unmount (deattach) Ubuntu ISO image before reboot. Before clicking Restart Now,OpenDevices menu from vm window, click CD/DVD devices, choose Unmount CD/DVD Device:


13. Click Restart Now:

14. When Ubuntu has booted, click your username to open a password prompt. Type your password, click Log In:

15. To fully integrate Ubuntu vm to your Windows 7 desktop, to allow networking and for instance cross platform copy & paste, you need to install VirtualBox Guest Additions. Click Devices menu, choose Install Guest Additions:


16. If the CD/DVD icon appears on the desktop, right click it and choose Open With Autorun Prompt:

17. If the CD/DVD icon does not appear on desktop (happens sometimes), open Ubuntu's Places menu, and choose VBOXADDITIONS. Choose then Open Autorun Prompt from VBOXADDITIONS window:


18.  Choose Run to start Guest Additions setup:

19.  You must now enter the administrative password. It is the same you chose for your account, so enter it now:

20.  When Guest Additions are set up, you must press Return (Enter) to close the window:

21.  Restart Ubuntu:

22.  After reboot, you are ready to go:

23. Thats it.