Steps to run WhatsApp on PC and Android device simultaneously:


1.Download and install Remoteroid application for android device


2.Download and install Remoteroid server software for windows pc

3.Then open the extracted remoteroid server software on your PC and click remoteroid icon, a firewall setting pop-up will open, allow access to it.

4.Open Remoteroid App on your android device and click proceed. Now it will ask for SU permission grant it then  provide the IP address of your connected network, provide it and hit connect buttton.


How to check the IP Address of computer.



1.Type Window+R and hit enter


2.Now type CMD in run tab.


3.Type ipconfig in command prompt .It will show you ip address like



Note 1: IP Address vary from different computer to different service provider.

Note 2: PC and android device should work with same Wi-Fi.