Commands for Backup

tar <options> <destination> <source>


  • c         --  create 
  • v         -- verbose means it will show all the error while creating creating backup.
  • p         -- same permission i.e. maintains the same permissions of file which is backed-up
  • f          -- specifies filename
  • t          -- table of content 
  • x          -- extract to
  • z          -- zip/gzip
  • w        -- ask for confirmation

To create a backup


Type1: tar --create --verbose --same-permission --file /usr/backup1 /home /etc

Type2: tar -cvpf /usr/backup1 /home /etc


  • c-create
  • v-verbose  
  • p-maintains the same permissions of file which is created
  • f-to create a file
  • /usr  is the directory were backup is saved
  • backup1 is the name of backup file created
  • /home & /etc are the directory for which backup is created


To extract the content from backup

tar -xvpf /usr/backup1



To extract a specific file from backup

tar -xvpf /usr/backup1 /home/haktuts.txt


    To extract haktuts.txt file from backup1 to the directory /home/haktuts.txt



To list the content of backup

tar -tvf /usr/backup1 | more

    list view of files in backup useful for recovering file which name is not known



To create a zip file


zip <filename> <destination>


e.g. zip hak /usr

hak is the filename

/usr is the directory to save the zip file



To extract the zip file


unzip hak /etc



To create a gzip file


gzip filename

e.g: gzip hak



To extract a gzip file 


gzip -d filename

e.g.: gzip -d hak.gz