Steps to kill the wifi of entire network 



Method 1

1. Download WiFiKill.apk 

2. Install the program.

3. Connect your android to a network you want to disable connected devices.

4. When you open the program a SuperUser window should pop-up. You will be able to click Grant or Deny acces. Click '' Grant '' 

5. The program will open and you should click ''Start'' at the top of the screen.

6. WiFiKill will start to scan devices. After the scan end you will get a list of the connected devices to the network.

7. Pick one of the devices(or all of them) and select ''Grab'' then ''Kill'' 

8. If you are in public network and want to stop something like 10 or more devices you can select the '' Grab All '' option at the bottom right corner, then ''Kill All''.

Note:Your Device should be rooted




Method 2



1.Download and install dsploit application.


2.Connect to same wifi network


3.Select the ip address of person to whom you want to kick out off wifi.


4.Select MITM attack


5.Hit the Kill connection button to kill the wifi.