How to Setup Four whatsapp account in android smartphone with root permission.





Follow the below steps to run four whatsapp account:


  1. Download and install Switch Me Multiple account application in the android smartphone

  2. Setup the profile name by click on “Create Profile”.In this I am creating profile name “admin”.

  3. Now click on plus icon (+) at the top of windows.

  4. Enter the “New Profile Name”.In this I am creating my new profile name ”user”.

  5. Now go to “admin “profile

  6. Install official whatsapp from Play store and Setup the whatsapp account

  7. Then take the full backup for your messages and data

  8. Clear whatsApp data and uninstall the official whatsapp account

  9. Now install the Whatsmapp solo

  10. Setup the whatsmapp solo account in android smartphone and backed up the data.

  11. Now Install stock Whatsapp from the market and verify the account with another number

  12. Now run the switch me application and switch the profile from admin to user.

  13. In user profile, repeat the steps from 6-11 as you did earlier.

  14. Setup completed ,Now you can use four whatsapp account in single smartphone.

Note: Root permission is require to run the switch me application.


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