How to crack a .zip or .rar password protected file?



1. Download Advanced Archive Password Recovery tool

2. Open  Advanced Archive Password Recovery tool and Browse for the password protected .rar extension file.

3. Select the attack meathod either Brute force attack or dictionery attack

4. In case of brute force attack,set minimum and maximum limit of password and also set the combination of password.(eg:a-z,A-Z,0-9 and special character)

5. In case of dictionery attack, provide the path of dictionery file.

6. After selecting a meathod click on start attack button.


Note: This may take time depend upon length of password.



List of other rar password cracking tool:



1.CloudCracker:  A cloud based service for cracking WPA/WPA2 keys, CloudCracker offers brute force dictionary attacks against password hashes, wireless network keys and password protected documents, you could do this yourself in your computer but this service gives you access to an online cluster speeding up the process.


2.Zip Password Tool: An easy to use password recovery tool that works launching dictionary attacks on encrypted ZIP compatible software. It supports AES file encryption cracking and you can customize the brute force attack with special characters and national symbols, there is also a password recovery progress bar.


3.  : Online password cracking website


4.Passware Kit Enterprise: This a professional solution and not targeted to end users. Password Kit Enterprise supports cracking of multiple different files, from encrypted .zip and .rar up to launching brute force attcks on fully encrypted disks using TrueCrypt. Passware Kit EnterPrice can use multiple core CPUs and nVidia GPUs to speed up the dictionary attacks.