How to crack a pdf  password protected file? 


1. Download ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle

2. Open  ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle and Browse for the password protected .rar extension file.

3. Select the attack meathod either Brute force attack or dictionery attack

4. In case of brute force attack,set minimum and maximum limit of password and also set the combination of password.(eg:a-z,A-Z,0-9 and special character)

5. In case of dictionery attack, provide the path of dictionery file.

6. After selecting a meathod click on start attack button.



How to Remove a pdf  password protected file?



1.Open the secured PDF file. You can use Adobe Acrobat to do this. You must be the creator of the document, or have the password for this method to work.


2.Click the Secure button. This button is located in the Tasks toolbar. It is easily identified by the padlock icon.

   Choose the Remove Security option if you want to completely unsecure the PDF file. If you previously assigned a Permissions Password to the secure PDF file, you will have to enter it at this time to complete the process.


3.Change encryption settings. If you would rather adjust the encryption settings as opposed to unsecuring the PDF file, Click on the "Permission detail" link under the Secure button.

   Click "Change settings" in Document properties under Security tab after selecting "Certificate security" in drop-down list. You may also click and select "No Security" from drop down list to fully unsecure document.



List of other pdf password cracking tool:



1.CloudCracker:  A cloud based service for cracking WPA/WPA2 keys, CloudCracker offers brute force dictionary attacks against password hashes, wireless network keys and password protected documents, you could do this yourself in your computer but this service gives you access to an online cluster speeding up the process.


2.Download the latest versions of Foxit Reader and CutePDF Writer. These are both free programs. Foxit Reader will allow you to open the PDF file and write it to a PDF printer. CutePDF Writer is a PDF printer than bypasses security restrictions.


   Trying this process using the Adobe reader and printer will result in the security preventing the writing process.Use Foxit Reader to open the secured PDF file. Select File, then Print to open the printer menu. Print the secured PDF file to CutePDF Writer.

   Save the printed file to your computer as a new PDF file.Open your new file. You can check the security settings by clicking File, then Properties.The security settings are detailed under the Security tab.


3.  : Online password cracking website


4.PDFCrack is the best free PDF password recovery tool available, assuming that's what you're after - an actual password "recovery" and not a simple PDF password removal or reset.


Method: PDFCrack would be considered a true PDF password recovery program since it recovers both the user password and owner password from encrypted PDFs. PDFCrack uses a brute-force password recovery method.