Greek Words:


STEGANOS – “Covered”

GRAPHIE – “Writing”


Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message.

•This can be achieve by concealing the existence of information within seemingly harmless carriers or cover

•Carrier: text, image, video, audio, etc.


Types Of Steganography


Masking and Filtering: Is where information is hidden inside of a image using digital watermarks that include information such as copyright, ownership, or licenses.  The purpose is different from traditional steganography since it is adding an attribute to the cover image thus extending the amount of information presented.


Algorithms and Transformations: This technique hides data in mathematical functions that are often used in compression algorithms.  The idea of this method is to hide the secret message in the data bits in the least significant coefficients.



Steganography via command prompt



Step 1: Take any two file which u want to combine i have taken a jpg image and a rar archieve.


Step 2: Now open command prompt via start




                                 press and hold windows+R


Step 3 : Go to the Directory of the two file (i.e. jpg and rar file)

                  For eg  cd d:\folder name  (press enter)

                  cd=change directory,

                 d:\folder name=path of file where both the file is saved

                  now u will see like this in cmd  d:\folder name 


Step 4 : Now you are in the directory of folder where both file is saved ,so type following command:

 copy  /B a.jpg + b.rar  new.jpg  


[In this command a.jpg and b.rar are two file to bind and new.jpg is the output name of file.]


Step 5 :  Now see in the folder a new file is created new.jpg file 

Step 6 :  Now open it with image viewer

Step 7 : Now open the same image with winrar we binded file(i.e. a.jpg and b.rar) you can see the file



How to bind two .exe file in one another via command promp



IExpress is a file binder that was already provided with any Microsoft Windows.


1). Goto run and type: iexpress


2). select 1 option : create a self extraction directive  file > next >

     select 1st option >next >

     give title-my prg or anything > next >

     select no prompt > 

     select do not display a license >add 2 files (one virus or Trojan file, and 2 any software like winamp.exe) >next >

     select install program winamp.exe and post install command >select server.exe(virus) > Select default > next >

     no message > select Browse to save a final exe file. And next > final.exe created.



3).When we are binding the exe’s, the limitation is that it makes a third type of icon which can be detected so to change icon we use resource hacker program for getting the original icon. To change icon use resource hacker program. Don’t use custom binders from internet because they are detected as virus by many anti viruses.