How to Bypass the Windows 8.1 Password via Kon-Boot.



How to Install Kon-Boot On USB


Step 1: Download Kon-Boot 2.4.

Step 2: Connect the Usb and format it.

Step 3: Right Click usb_install2NEEDADMIN.bat file and run it as admin.

Step 4:Now popup appear on screen select open

Step 5:Now select ok

Step 6:Now select Run

Step 7:Done


Note:At the time of setting up kon boot remove all the unused  pendrive.


Now just restart your pc with the kon-boot usb pluged in and press f12 to boot from usb after that a kon-boot screen will appear just press enter and now it will show windows login screen with password prompt simply just press enter and that's it you have succesfully bypass it.

Support  till windows 8.1