Have you ever needed to copy Files from your USB Drive automatically as shortly as you connect it to your computer?


The following is a simple technique which might assist you do it!


On a decent note, if you utilize your pendrive often, and need to copy files manually every time you connect it to your laptop/pc, the software can alter the method for you. The easily-downloadable software package can copy the files from the pendrive and store it in folder fixed by you on your laptop/pc.


At a similar time, this trick might even be employed by you to copy files from connected USB secretly of your friend’s USB Drive, while not even him even knowing it!


All you would like to try and do is download the package and use it for free!



The AutoUSBCheck is Free and simple to use, however it's a catch too. It doesn’t run automatically on your system once you switch it on, that causes hassle just in case you're going to copy files from your friend’s pendrive. this is often as a result of, gap the software  before of the person would result in him shot on your intensions, that might end up to be problematic for you. So, before you insert the USB drive, run this package beforehand. It'll run within the background and won’t create any sound or offer the other notification whereas repetition Files.


A Paid version of this package permits to you modify the directory wherever the content are going to be keep, however within the free version, the directory is mounted to




Here, the User-PC is your laptop/pc name. The Paid version additionally permits you to Run the package as shortly as you start your laptop/pc.





Step1: Run the AutoUSBCheck and press Start Button . (Before inserting the pendrive, you can close the settings dialog box; while it continues to run in background).


Step2: Insert victim's USB Flash Drive into your computer.


Step3: Now the whole copying of files- process is automated and does not require your intervention. The files will be copied to a Default Folder.