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How to get WhatsApp voice calling on your

jailbroken iPhone


If you’re jailbroken, and have a little patience, you can get WhatsApp’s new in-beta voice calling feature on your iPhone right now. To do so, you’ll need to download the WhatsApp beta, download a package from Cydia, and following a couple of additional steps.


After following this tutorial, you will be able to access voice calling in WhatsApp. I can personally verify that this technique works, And was able to shoot a video walkthrough showing you the steps along with a live phone call.



Step 1: Download and install the WhatsApp beta by clicking here while on your iPhone


Step 2: Add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources:   

 (see note below)


Step 3: Install the WhatsApp Call Enabler package, and enable it via Settings


Step 4: Login to WhatsApp and message a friend with activated calling and they can call to activate you.


Step 5: The contact will (hopefully) return your call and then the calling feature will be activated


Update: Some are stating that this can be done without using the tweak, and thus, without needing a jailbroken device. I’ve not been able to independently confirm that, but you may want to try it on your device. I recommend trying that first before using the tweak referenced above. Also, you can receive a call from anyone who has the calling activated, so if you have a friend with it, you can have them call you instead of using the number referenced in the post and video. Hope that helps!






Mps-youtube was updated to version 0.2.2 (and shortly after to 0.2.3) recently, bringing some interesting new features, like an option to use an external application for downloading YouTube videos, metadata tagging of downloaded audio files and more.


Mps-youtube is a a command line tool to search, play and download YouTube videos, which supports both local and YouTube playlists


list of the most important mps-youtube features:



search and play audio / video from YouTube;

search tracks of albums by album title;

search and import YouTube playlists;

create and save local playlists;


transcode audio to mp3 and other formats (requires ffmpeg or avconv);

system notifications;



To set mps-youtube to use aria2, firstly make sure aria2 is installed:

        sudo apt-get install aria2

And then use the following command in mps-youtube to set the external download command to aria2:

       set download_command aria2c --dir=%d --out=%f %u

For instance, to set the download_command to aria2 and use 4 connections, use:

       set download_command aria2c -s4 -x4 --dir=%d --out=%f %u

For more info about this, type "help dl-command" in mps-youtube.